How Different Floor Coating Options Can Improve Your Garage Space

How Different Floor Coating Options Can Improve Your Garage Space

Washington Journal survey recently found that only 11% of homeowners feel satisfied with the current state of their garage. Considering 55% of Americans spend one to two hours weekly in their garage, it’s only fitting that they want to improve the place. Giving your garage a fresh floor coating is a great way to achieve this. Here are four options for you to consider.

1. Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating is among the most popular garage floor coating options. It involves laying a synthetic resin on top of granite floors for protection and improved aesthetics. This option provides a durable and robust surface resistant to oil stains, grease, and other chemicals. 

Due to the stain resistance, epoxy-coated floors are easy to clean. This option allows customization with different colors, flakes, and designs. It is also a much more affordable option compared to other floor coatings. However, the installation process is tedious and requires professional assistance. Consider contacting reputable companies providing garage epoxy in Orlando for quality services.

The only drawback to epoxy coating is that it can fade or yellow over time. This factor can significantly impact its aesthetics. It is also prone to hot tire pickup and requires regular maintenance. 

2. Polyurea Coating

Polyurea coating is a synthetic polymer typically used to coat concrete floors. When applied, it bonds with the concrete moisture to create a durable and long-lasting protective barrier. Polyurea concrete floor coating resists scratches, oil stains, and other chemicals.  

This floor-coating option comes in various colors for customization. It also offers an anti-slip, fast-drying, easy-to-clean surface, ideal for garages and other workspaces. However, due to its complex application process, polyurea coating often requires professional installation. Moreover, it can be pricier compared to other options.

3. Cementitious Urethane Coating

Also known as urethane concrete, cementitious urethane is a heavy-duty floor coating option ideal for high-traffic areas. This option comprises cement, aggregate, water, and various additives, making it highly durable. Cementitious urethane is a seamless option that provides self-leveling abilities and water resistance.

Urethane concrete is also stain and chemical-resistant. Additionally, cementitious urethane-coated floors are easy to clean and withstand extreme temperatures. Due to its high performance, it is often used in industrial or commercial settings, but it’s also an excellent choice for residential garages.

However, cementitious urethane has numerous drawbacks. For once, it is significantly expensive for residential applications. It offers limited color options, dissuading creative customization. Its complex installation process also discourages DIY applications. 

4. Polyaspartics Coating

Polyaspartic coating shares a lot of similarities with polyurea coating. However, this floor system comprises a colored base coat, a vinyl flake layer, and a clear top coat for durability and shine. Professionals layer these surfaces by spraying, plastering, or painting.

One significant advantage of Polyaspartic coating is its durability and fast-curing ability. It is available in various finishes and colors, making it ideal for customization with your garage’s theme. Additionally, this coating option is easy to clean and maintain. While the polyaspartic coating provides protection, its extra hardness often hinders modification and repair. Such a drawback is unwelcome in residential garages where creative experimentation is fundamental.


Investing in quality floor coating options is a great way to improve your garage’s aesthetics and practical applications. No matter your choice, a fresh coat of these will elevate your garage space to the next level. So go ahead and search for garage floor coating near me and give your garage a much-needed upgrade. 

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