7 Tips for Roadtripping Solo

7 Tips for Roadtripping Solo

When the open road calls and you want to answer you don’t have to wait for anyone to do it. Driving alone means you get to determine the itinerary, the activities, the food, and the hotels. It can be a freeing experience, but you also want to stay safe. Step out of your comfort zone and get on the road with these tips in mind.

1. Share Your Plans

To keep safety a priority, you need to have a friend or family member know where you are. After you find your ride, give them your itinerary and update them when necessary. You can call in each day to get some much-needed communication and to catch up on all the fun you had.

2. Have Backup Items

Extra battery packs, charging cords, flashlights, and extra old phones are essential items to keep you safe on the road. Your cell phone becomes a lifeline when you’re traveling, making it necessary to keep it charged. An old cell phone can still dial 911 in an emergency.

Have important documents scanned and uploaded to the cloud so you always have access to insurance cards, your driver’s license or passport, and credit card information.

3. Prepare Your Car

fresh oil change, tires, windshield wipers, and lights can make a big difference when you’re far from home. Make sure all maintenance is up to date and all of your fluids are full. The last thing you want is to break down because of something you could have prevented.

4. Pack an Emergency Kit

Fill a box with blankets, a first aid kit, flares, jumper cables, and basic tools. You never know what you’re going to encounter on a long trip. Be prepared for anything and keep yourself as safe as possible.

5. Know Your Limits

Driving alone is very different than driving with people. You don’t have anyone to keep you awake if you’re feeling sleepy and you may get bored easily. Make sure you know how many hours you can safely travel each day and don’t push it. Keep plenty of audiobooks and playlists on hand to combat the boredom and keep you awake.

6. Remember to Stretch

Sitting still for hours on end can increase aches and pains in the body. Every time you stop for a restroom or food, give yourself a few minutes to stretch. Try out some yoga poses like downward dog and cat-cow to relieve tension in your back. Stretch your arms overhead to release pressure in your shoulders and neck.

7. Load Extra Food and Water

Keep non-perishable food items stocked in your car for times when you may not be able to stop. Make sure you have high-protein options to maintain your energy. Extra water is essential in case you break down or can’t find anywhere to get fresh water.

Stay Safe on Your Solo Trip

A solo road trip can be the experience of a lifetime, full of freedom and excitement. Plan thoroughly and keep your friends and family in contact to ensure you have the best time while staying safe.

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